image of Angela Walsh

My Story: From Crayons to Graphic and Web Design
Greetings! I’m Angela, a design enthusiast whose artistic journey traces back to childhood. From early days of creating art with crayon shavings to venturing into the realm of graphic and web design, my passion for creativity has been unwavering.

My Background: From Traditional Art to Dynamic Art
The evolution from traditional artistry to the dynamic world of visual communication has been a profound transition for me. Visual communication serves as both a lens through which I interpret the world and a boundless outlet for my creativity.

My Skills: A Decade of Experience in Various Platforms
With over a decade of experience in graphic and web design across various platforms – from in-house roles to freelance endeavors and agency collaborations – I’ve cultivated a diverse skill set encompassing print design, logo design, HTML e-mail campaigns, packaging design, digital illustration, and much more. I thrive on the diversity of design projects, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for creative expression.

My Hobbies: Finding Inspiration Beyond Design
While my passion lies in visual communication, I find inspiration in various pursuits beyond the design realm. I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast, relishing the opportunity to hike, travel, and camp amidst diverse landscapes – from rugged mountains to serene deserts. Nature serves as my muse, rejuvenating and inspiring me in equal measure.

My Goal: Making a Positive Impact through Design
My ultimate aspiration is to contribute my talents to an organization actively working towards making the world a better place. Whether through a long-term, full-time position or part-time opportunities, I am committed to leveraging my skills in graphic design, web design, or production art to drive meaningful change and tell compelling stories.