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I’m a creative, multi-talented Christian design professional with more than ten years of experience in multi-media, marketing, graphic design, and web design. So I can hit the ground running and start designing right away, no matter what type of project you have. Throughout my career, I have established a track record of success by leveraging skills, experience, and a positive attitude. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications and have a career history of juggling multiple major projects from conception to completion.

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  • Websites - Pacific Therapy Services
  • Websites - The Tower Club Oxnard
  • Logos - ASAP 30 Year Anniversary Logo/Pin
  • Print - Wedgewood Weddings Binder & Collateral
  • Websites - Fausset Printing
  • Print - Business Card & Letterhead
  • Websites - Mancos Valley Resources
  • Logos - Design By Faith Studio
  • Logos - Virtute Duce Family Crest Logo
  • Logos - Fortius LLC
  • Websites - FastTrack Communications
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  • Print-Alliance City Brochure
  • Print - Villanova Viewbook & Collateral
  • Logos - The Virtue Line of T-Shirt Designs

Freelance Design Services

Freelance Design Services Galore!

As a freelance design professional, I offer many different design services, from graphic print design to online marketing services such as web design.


“Angela Warren worked as a freelance graphic design professional for Athena Communications for almost a year. She worked directly with me on a variety of projects which included corporate identity, various collateral materials, web sites, and motion graphics. Angela is self-motivated, detail-oriented and possesses a quiet, positive attitude. She exhibits confidence when working under a tight schedule and juggling multiple project deadlines. She is a good listener and can take direction and critiques on projects and implement them efficiently and creatively. Angela has the ability to take an initial design concept and flesh out the details and produce the piece for print or for the web. She demonstrated strong organizational and technical skills on the structure and design of web sites. I would rank Angela as one of the most competent graphic designers I have worked with and she will be an asset to any firm.”

Beth McMacken
Owner, Athena Communications, LLC

“I was Angela’s boss at DUX Dental / Vettec, Inc. from 2007 until 2013. DUX Dental was a manufacturer of dental products and Vettec, Inc. is a manufacturer of hoof care products. Both companies are owned and operated by the same family.
As an internal graphic’s department we were responsible for the conceptualizing and designing of an enormous project range which included, national ads, product packaging, multi-page catalog production, product photography, trade show booth design as well as web site design.

As part of the team, Angela produced many of the above projects. She is quite knowledgeable with all Adobe CS programs, Quark Xpress, prepress as well as printing processes. However, it’s in the area of web design that Angela shines. She is well versed in CSS and the WordPress platform. Angela’s core responsibilities were designing, programming, maintaining and updating the DUX Dental, Vettec and SG-20 sites. She was also responsible for creating and managing all banner ads and insertions for all three companies.

Her ability to maintain focus on the project objective for several weeks at a time is one of her strongest assists. Because of this, I was able to turn over many multi-faceted projects to Angela with no doubt they would be done correctly and on time. Angela is also great at educating herself and finding the right answers to situations that can bring projects to a halt. As an employee, Angela is consistent, prompt, flexible and above all honest.”

Paul Calderon
Creative Director at PACO/DECO Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Angela, as a fellow graphic designer, for six years. She is a creative and talented graphic and web designer. I watched Angela go from a predominantly print designer to our in-house webmaster. If there is a task or program she’s never used before, she will seek out information and educate herself, learning a new skill, thus enriching the company. She is an asset to any department. She is also one of the most dependable and trustworthy people I know. You can rest assured that she will manage a project from beginning to end and complete it in a timely manner with great accuracy. I highly recommend her!”

Desirée Olivares
Graphic Designer at Kerr Corporation

“Angela is a very detail oriented graphic designer. She is also very knowledgeable at writing code, which helped us on many blog posting projects and eNewsletters. Angela does excellent work and has a very creative mind. She completes assignments on time and with great accuracy.”

Jessica Williams
Marketing Project Manager at Vettec, Inc.