Angela Warren is a Christian designer specializing in Branding, Web Design and Graphic Design services for Christians churches, ministries or businesses.

Branding Services

Creating a consistent look and feel to your business or individual venture is the single most important design item in the entire design process. It is what makes you, you.

I position companies and entrepreneurs to improve awareness, engagement, and loyalty among their customers. I develop identity systems that deliver on every level of brand marketing and communications.

  • Logo Design

  • Business Cards

  • Stationary Set

  • Style Guide

  • Packaging

  • Web Design

Web Design Services

I specializes in creating WordPress content management websites.

WordPress accounts for 22% of all websites found online. Over 60% of all content management sites are based on WordPress. Which is why I have chosen it as my key website development platform. Not only is it more cost-effective than the standard web design, but it is also easier for you to manage your site yourself as needed.

I’m delighted that my platform of choice keeps up with modern technology and website features, it is on the cutting edge on all fronts.

  • WordPress, Wix, Shopify

  • E-Commerce

  • E-mail Templates

  • Web Ads/Banners

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Graphics

Graphic Design Services

Design trends are constantly changing to meet the needs of our constantly changing society. Don’t let your business fall behind, let Angela’s Design Services, handle all of your graphic design needs.

I like keeping up with all of the current graphic design trends and concepts. Keeping your design, branding and overall marketing up to speed with what your clients/customers expect to see is phenomenally important.

The visual impact of professional quality graphic design in every marketing resource is important to the success of any person, business or organization.

  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Rack Cards

  • Mailers

  • Postcards

  • Book Covers

  • Posters

  • Letterhead

  • Envelopes

  • Annual Reports

  • Catalogs

Why Hire Me?

All-In-One Designer

I’m a creative, multi-talented Christian design professional with more than ten years of experience in multi-media, marketing, graphic design, and web design. So I can hit the ground running and start designing right away, no matter what type of project you have. Throughout my career, I have established a track record of success by leveraging skills, experience, and a positive attitude. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications and have a career history of juggling multiple major projects from conception to completion.

Let’s connect today to discuss that full-time position!

Featured Work

Graphic Design
UX/UI Web Design
  • Logos - My New Personal Logo
  • Logos - New Hat Baking Logo Comps
  • Print - Business Card & Letterhead
  • Logos - The Heart & Vascular Surgical Center
  • Print - Organization Calculator Sell Sheet & Collateral
  • Product Photography - Vettec 50cc Dispenser Gun
  • Digital Illustrations - Clothing & Human Figure
  • Product Photography - DUX Dental Office Organization App
  • Websites - Pacific Therapy Services
  • Wedgewood Weddings Timeline of Buying Infographic
  • Print - Wedgewood Weddings Binder & Collateral
  • Websites - Fausset Printing
  • Print - Depth Spirituality Paperback Book
  • Print - Villanova Viewbook & Collateral
  • Logos - The Virtue Line of T-Shirt Designs
  • Print - OHS Girls Volleyball Booklet
  • Websites - FastTrack Communications
  • Product Photography - CartiLoid/SuperCartiLoid Basket
  • Product Photography - DUX Dental KromaFAZE Rubber Duck
  • Print-Alliance City Brochure
  • Websites - Mancos Valley Resources
  • Print - Turning Point Foundation Brochures
  • Wedgewood Weddings Bliss Benefit Infographic
  • Logos - Fortius LLC
  • Logos - ASAP 30 Year Anniversary Logo/Pin
  • Print - Turning Point Foundation Auction Program & Invitation
  • Websites - The Tower Club Oxnard
  • Emails - Lead Free X-ray Apron
  • Digital Illustrations - Identic Syringes
  • Logos - Mountain Shadows Logo Comps
  • Logos - Doug Taylor Logo & Collateral
  • Logos - Virtute Duce Family Crest Logo
  • Print - USS Bon Homme Richard Reunion Booklet
  • Wedgewood Weddings - Wedgewood Difference Infographic
  • Print - Big Wave Dave's Posters
  • Print - Pacific View Mall Food Court Poster
  • Emails - BibEze
  • Logos - Copper Coffee Pot Cafe
  • Websites - Magnolia Family Medical
  • Digital Illustrations - Huskies
  • Emails - PeelVue
  • Product Photography - Vettec Adhere 50cc
  • Logos - Design By Faith Studio
  • Print - Social Model Recovery Brochures & Collateral
  • Print - Adaptive Sports Association Insert & Collateral
  • Websites - New Hat Baking
  • Print - Wedgewood Weddings 2020 Awards Banquet Invite Set
  • Emails - Zone FREE
  • Packaging - DUX Dental Dry Processor Label
  • Packaging - Mouthwash Concentrate Box
  • Logos - Christian Art Design
  • Digital Illustrations - Singles Instructions Illustration
  • Websites - Conning Tower Views
  • Emails - Vettec
  • Print - San Juan Symphony Youth Concert Poster
  • Print - Gold Coast Concert Chorus 2016-2017 Brochure & Collateral